About Us

Our mission

High Performance Computing is what we are about, and developing the most powerful computing platforms in the world is our mission.

Anyon Systems was founded in 2014 because the computation power of classical computers and supercomputers were not enough. Our goal since then has been to revolutionize the world by introducing quantum computing platforms.

We have developed unique technologies involving the full vertical hardware stack of a quantum computer. We design and manufacture superconducting quantum processing units (QPUs), quantum control electronics as well as ultra-low temperature cryogenics systems which host QPUs.

Anyon Systems now delivers turn-key Near-term, Intermediate-Scale, Quantum (NISQ) computers to early adopters. These machines enable our clients to get started with their quantum R&D program, build eco-systems, and stay ahead of competition.

Computing is our DNA

We are not just a quantum hardware company. High Performance Computing is in our DNA. From early days of the company, we recognized the newly emerging field of quantum computing lacked tools to engineer large scale systems. So, we drew from our expertise in high performance computing to develop those tools. Besides our hardware work, we continuously improve and use our massively parallel computational tools to design and optimize quantum hardware. We are HPC users ourselves, and fully understand what clients need.

Besides our internal developments, we quite often extend our help and expertise to other actors in the field of quantum computing to collectively enhance this technology. Read about previous work with Google.